Thursday, December 18, 2008

That's My Boy

You know how it is, parents; you fear that your child will inherit all the character flaws that trouble you most about yourself.  

Now that Nels is getting older, I am starting to notice some of the less desirable traits that we share.  He is easily frustrated and ready to give up when faced with the challenge of learning something new.  He has a hard time falling asleep at night because his mind is too busy "thinking sad things."  A few weeks ago, I saw tears streaming down his face as he ate a sucker.  I had asked him to try to finish it before his brother noticed he had it, since Willem wasn't getting one.

"What on earth is the matter?"  I asked.  "You HAVE a sucker."

The corners of  his mouth twisted down as he sobbed, "I can't stop thinking about throwing it away!"

Oh, man.

With all of this worry that I am raising a young human who will be as much of a mess as I am, and in the same ways, it is always a tremendous relief when he does something that I would NEVER do.

Behold the thing Nels made out of Legos "for R2-D2 to ride in."  Note the shade-providing canopy and the little stoppers on the platform in front of the robot's feet.  Look how perfectly it fits.  Never in a million years would I do this.  Never in a million years COULD I do this.

Yes, he's my boy.  But he's also his own little fella, thanks be to God.


Anonymous said...

... And he's high enough to get a good view at parades - a benefit of being vertically enhanced, I can assure you. :)

Gretchen said...

Oh, that is very sweet. It sounds like Nels is a strong "feeler".
I remember listening to a record of old songs as a 4 year old and sobbing because I couldn't help thinking that this was the music my dad listened to as a child and he would never be a little again!

I see Anders being sentimental as well. For a long time we couldn't sing "away in a manger" without him crying. I guess that "no crib for a bed" really made him sad!

I'm sure you are the perfect mom for Nels because you know how he's feeling and can help him through those 'sad thoughts'.

Rob Fraser said...

Hey Gypsy, I need your address, can you email it to me? This is such a sweet story. If he turns out anything like his Mama, he'll be perfect:) Jana

Gypmar said...

Well, now, Gretchen, that's a very helpful more positive way to look at it.

eric O said...

at least nels' sadness is brought on by deeper and more creative stuff than the typical things that make kids cry.

me: "no dietrich, don't touch the wood burning stove."
my son: "wah!"

me: "no dietrich, we can't play baseball outside, it's 9:00 pm."
my son: "wah!"

nels will be quite the sympathizer, i'm sure.

eric O said...

by the way, i just got "poops" for my word verification for that last comment. excellent.