Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weekend I Needed

The Weather has arrived.  With the windchill it feels like 7 degrees outside.  That sassy wind has twice blown out the pilot light on our gas fireplace.  We've thwarted its evil machinations by switching to the electric baseboard heat.  Blow away, wind.  I just hope nobody needed whatever that metal thing was that just blew clanking past our house and on down the hill.

A better than average weekend should definitely end with a snowstorm.  On Friday night we went to Shaun's work Christmas party.  As usual, it was our only Christmas party of the year.  That put a lot of pressure on it to be fun, but any occasion that involves free prime rib and a chipper duo on drums and keyboard in a ballroom is all right by me.  I even got to wear a skirt (which Nels wanted me to twirl in ad infinitum before I left the house.)

On Saturday Shaun took the boys to see a steam engine (see his infinitely more popular blog for photos) and I did some Christmas shopping.  That evening we watched Jungle Book for the first time, and boy, howdy, was THAT something.

Nels was BESIDE himself with delight.  He stood bolt upright, he cowered in the sofa cushions, he yelped, he arched his back, he made cartoon noises himself; he laughed so hard that I thought he might choke.  It was the most amazing display I have ever seen.  At one point when the elephants were marching he stood up and yelled, "I'M TURNING INTO ONE OF THEM! I'M TURNING INTO A DISNEY CHARACTER!" with total abandon.  So fun.

Today, Shaun (though sick) was kind enough to drive us into Portland so we could see our friends Heather and Joy, who were selling Heather's wares at Crafty Wonderland.  Yes, I was a wuss for not wanting to drive myself, but I felt that encountering "Chains Required in Portland Metro Area" signs on the freeway somewhat justified my anxiety.  We had a nice visit, and I enjoyed ogling the artsy Portland crowd.  We're a little more country here in Camas.  I would never be able to pass myself off as a cool Portlander; I've never mastered the necessary layering skills.

Now we're home and cozy after our adventures.  But I've been out of the house, people.  I've spoken with adults.  I therefore declare this weekend a success.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a glorious weekend. Please tell Nels that I had the same reaction the first time I saw Jungle Book! Being a die hard Kipling fan, Dad had purchased the pre-release soundtrack album ... yes - the flat- black - 12 inch round - LP before we saw the movie in the theater. So, having almost worn the grooves off, this lil' 7 y.o. gleefully sang along with King Louie and the elephants, I see that the movie was released in the theaters in Oct. 1967 - so we must have gone to the old Whitwood Movie Theater and to Farrells next door for dinner & ice cream following. Good times!

I still have the album and can play it for Nels next time you're down.

Jana said...

You are so cute! I love "hearing" your voice in your writing. And let me tell you about Portland chic. Take your kids to the zoo. If you actually wore clothes appropriate for taking your children to the zoo....LOSER! Skinny jeans all the way!