Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nels Tutoring Me on Last Night's Dinner's Side Dish:

"You just say cous. And then you say cous again."


Hillary said...

You should send these to Reader's Digest. Unless, of course, it is against your principles to be read in that, um, very, uh literary magazine. Your Nels/Willem stories are so funny, and they give you $50 for each one they publish. I published one in college about AJ (the kid I babysat) and it was very much along these lines.

Gypmar said...

Well, my dear, you are obviously unaware of the many hours I spent in my youth wishing for something funny to happen to me so I could cash it in at Reader's Digest. I can't BELIEVE that you lived my dream and I never even knew about it! As someone who was willing to earn $50 by singing "Love Makes the World Go Round" to a room full of drunken community theater supporters, I would actually GAIN some class by publishing in Reader's Digest.