Monday, May 14, 2007

Making Connections

"Mommy, I'm ready for a wipe!"


"When you crash when you're surfing, it's called a wipeout."


shaun said...

It annoys Nels when I watch surfing on TV (he finds it boring), but the other day after watching a series of wipeouts I re-explained "the wipeout" and he was suddently, mysteriously more interested. Mystery solved.

Andrew said...

i don't get it. is this a poop joke?

now, you guys are married, right? these are comments you can't deliver verbally?

Hillary said...

Perhaps it is my status as Aunt, or perhaps I am finally developing a four-year-old's sense of humor. But I must say, I appreciate getting to be in on the poop joke. Judging from that cutest little thing being held by "andrew," I'll be checking his site for poop jokes soon. Unless, of course, he will be delivering them all verbally to his wife, in which case, I'm out of luck.

Andrew said...

you are out of luck.

shaun said...

Your Honor, for the record, Mr. Nels Martin's comments were neither about poop, nor were they a joke. He was merely itentifying with deadly seriousness the lexical intersection of two words recently learned. Mr. Martin will speak for himself, but I hereby request that the suggestion that this blog, or Mr. Martin's parents condone or encourage so-called "poop jokes" be stricken from the record.