Friday, March 5, 2010

A Visit From Grandpa Shay

My Grandpa Shay lives in Southern California. If you are a documentary filmmaker or know a documentary filmmaker, please take note: the next Grey Gardens is yours for the making, if you dare. Seriously.

Anyhow, grandpa was visiting my mom in Bend and she brought him over for a weekend with us. Let's just say that thinking of ways to pass the time with him can be a bit challenging. Fortunately we had glorious weather instead of the predicted rain, so we were able to spend Saturday driving around seeing the sights.

One highlight of the visit was hearing grandpa's stories about growing up in New York and visiting his cousin's farmhouse (in Brooklyn!) Another was grandpa's utter failure to frighten Willem by removing his false teeth. I'd like to share some of the low lights, but I don't think I can bring myself to do it. I will tell you that my writing class got an earful this week.


More mugging.

We love this deli, but I guess it could be disappointing for someone who grew up in New York.

See what I mean?

Grandpa turned out to be really competitive at dominoes. When he got down to just one domino, he would start to sing, "Grandpa's going to wiii-iiin, Grandpa's going to wiii-iiin." Which of course made me want to beat him. At dominoes, I mean. Apparently he didn't think much of mom and Shaun's fighting spirit, because at one point he turned to me and muttered, "What are these two yahoos doing in our domino game?"

Here mom and I are taunting grandpa with the possibility that he might not win this game.

Uh-oh. Looks like grandpa just said something distasteful.

I'll end with my cute mom who earned my respect in a whole new way last weekend. She goes and stays with my grandpa. At his house. If that documentary ever gets made, you'll see why that's such a big deal. And she has even partaken of grandpa's customary breakfast: an individually flash-frozen tilapia fillet from the 99 cent store, microwaved on each side for two minutes.

These photos are documenting the amazing sweater she just made.

Bless her heart.


Annie Nannie said...

I'm so glad your G'pa's up to traveling that far. There's never a dull moment with G'pa Shay, is there?

My friends find my mom's "unfiltered" manner charmingly endearing. Likewise, I always enjoy my time with your G'pa. Perhaps it's easier when one's not so closely related? :)

Congrats to your mum on her spectacular knitwear. What talent!

Glad you were able to enjoy some nice weather with your G'pa. It's pouring here at the moment.

Gypmar said...

"Unfiltered"--what a perfect way to put it, Nancy :)

I've been so surprised at all the nice weather (for here) we've had this winter. Very few days of full-on downpours. Which is great, because the boys have been able to play out a lot more than last year. Which is VERY IMPORTANT.