Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Neck of the Woods

...is pretty woodsy. We have deer and all. Our across-the-street neighbors, who are right next to some actual woods, have seen coyotes and even (so they say) a cougar.

But for all our woodsiness, we have nuthin' on Shaun's folks. They appear to have a bear roaming their woods. He's been sighted in the neighborhood, and the Grandmartins have found a pile of corroborating evidence on their property. Therefore Grandma has been packing heat when out and about on the land. It certainly adds an extra element of excitement to the prospect of sending the boys out there for a visit. ("Be good, boys, and try not to get mauled.")

We've been busy since school started. We met our charming new niece, Heidi Mack (how cute is that?), and Nels turned six last Sunday. I've been thinking he's six ever since he turned five, so that doesn't seem too crazy. And honestly, it feels like I've been his mom for an eternity. I will put up some photos of these special doings very soon, but for now our home network is a little troubled and awaits some wrangling from Shaun. That's the price we pay for being fancy.

Nels is less grouchy about school these days, although our well-oiled morning routine seems to have gone down the toilet this week for no good reason. Nels's teacher, Mrs. Michener ("like the author" she always says) is a local celebrity, having taught in the district for 37 years. She even attended Kindergarten at Helen Baller.

Well, that mostly gets you caught up.

-We had glorious weather this weekend.
-I got a haircut in Portland.
-The fellow in the French bakery by the salon (inspired, I believe, by the fine weather) gave me free butterfly cookies.
-Shaun baked an apple pie.
-We've been reading The Adventures of Tintin to Nels (thanks to Danica.) He has duly incorporated the exclamation "Blistering barnacles!" into his vocabulary. The only surprise there is that he didn't say it before.

I'm feeling scattered these days. Hopefully I'll get adjusted to the new routine pretty soon. Or maybe it's just all downhill from here. Time will tell.


eric O said...

Thanks for the catch-up. Inspired by Nels' new phrase, "blistering barnacles," and since I never did post about all the great things our three sons said when we were with you in April, I'll let everyone else in on another of his gems, which may or may not still be in his vocabulary.

Desiring to exhibit the pirate within, Nels walked into the kitchen and, instead of growling out, "shiver me timbers!" said, with due sincerity and passion, "skettle me bones!"

It was beautiful.

shaun said...

"Be good, boys, and try not to get between Grandma and the bear."

Gypmar said...

THANK YOU, Eric. I had totally forgotten about "skettle me bones!"

Danica said...

Nels incorporating "blistering barnacles" into his everyday speech patterns makes me happy as it's such a perfectly Nels expression. So glad he enjoys Tintin!

Linda said...

A pile of corroborating evidence? You kill me Gypsy.