Thursday, August 13, 2009

Business As Usual

Busy! Too busy to blog! How have I been spending my time, you may wonder?

Washing the contents of Shaun's pockets, for starters. Because that's the kind of helpful wife I am. I even washed his phone, which was as good as new (and cleaner) once Shaun took it apart and let it air-dry. Nothing ended up the worse for the wear except for my sense of competence as a homemaker.

And surely no summer is complete without the joy of cutting a plastic sword off a small boy's leg with a hefty pair of shears. Now I know, it doesn't look stuck at all in these pictures. But the handle was curved in on the part you can't see, and it was digging into his muscle. Every time I tried to pull the sword off, serious shrieking ensued. I doused the whole business with salad oil, to no avail. Even after I resorted to the shears, removing the sword was no easy feat. And what did I learn about myself? After several frantic phone calls to Shaun at the office, I was forced to conclude that I am totally not one of those "rises to the occasion in an emergency" kind of people. Rats.

Oh. We also had overnight guests for 10 out of 11 days.

Busy! Fun! More to come!


Gretchen said...

Don't feel bad about the washing incedent. It's an easy thing to have happen... I'll say that becasue I've done that before too.
Good job with the sword. I'm not looking forward to emergency's like this one!

Gypmar said...

Thanks, Gretchen. I'd like to think that I'd do OK in a REAL emergency, but all indicators so far point to me not handling it well.

Jana said...

Oh come on now, the sword was removed, correct? Perfecto!!!

Amy said...

I agree with Jana - you got the sword off and after all, that's what matters. And about the washing business - at our house it is Jared's job to empty his pockets. After all, he is an adult. So I blame Shaun =D.

Jared said...

Hey, could you post a bigger pic of Shaun's pocket contents? I couldn't quite make out the credit card numbers.

Gypmar said...

Amy, in Shaun's defense, he hadn't put the shorts in the laundry. I grabbed them off the floor thinking I was doing him a big favor :)

And Jared, in the original photo you can read everything on Shaun's driver's license as well! I shrunk it.

annie nannie said...

Did wee Sir Willem happen to say what swashbucking technique he was attempting with said sword on leg? Could there be an element of kung fu entering his swordplay?