Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The boys were officially introduced to Star Wars this weekend. After months of showing them snippets on You Tube, we finally put it on and let them watch it all the way through (with heavy use of the fast-forward button, of course.) We watched in two installments, due to late starts. The title of this post is what Nels said when we were about to start it up on the second night. Shaun said, "What?" and he repeated it word for word. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I can appreciate the fervor with which it was uttered.

Like the rest of the U.S. ( if my Facebook friends are any indication), we have had some bad germs around here. I would appreciate it if both boys could come down with it at once, but that never happens. Our quarantine is always twice as long as it could be. Just one more good reason for only having two kids.

I thought it was a pretty good indication of under-the-weather-ness when Nels made a bed for himself on the kitchen floor while I was cooking dinner. Not to be left out, Willem soon joined him. They proceeded to make some very serious telephone calls. I like how, despite their ages, the blankets, and the pillows, they still manage to look like they're trading on the stock exchange floor. Well done, fellows.


Amy said...

What a charming and hilarious boy! I am not at all sure what that means but thanks for sharing. I laughed out loud. We can support your hypothesis of the U.S. being under the weather. We sure have been and one thing after another.

Jana said...

Ohh! I can't wait for boy comments like these!! I get all the girl ones, which are fun of course. We were driving in LA over the weekend, and Kiera saw a limo. She says "ooooo, fanthsee!". Do your boys say fancy? No they do not. They talk about all powerful love of Star Wars!

Gypmar said...

Oh, Jana. Nels has said, "Ooohh, fancy!" more times than I can count. Usually it's when I've done something--anything--with my hair, or I wear a skirt. One day I asked him his favorite color and he said "sparkly."

Of course then he follows that with the question, "Mom, which is better; bullets, missiles, or bombs?" So I guess that's the difference.

And just today Willem showed me a Hot Wheels Model A and asked "Do you think it looks fancy?"

I too can't wait to hear your boy stories! I have a feeling that you will have some amazing tales to tell.

DaveShack said...

Ahhh.... Star Wars and all its wonderments aside, the very thought of pillows on the kitchen floor gives me the heebiest of jeebies.

Amy said...

Ok, this is in no relation to this this post, but was convenient, so here it is - the Golden Winter Soup recipe you sent me was wonderful and super easy to make. We ate it gone!! My dad hates squash and had 3 servings. Although everyone except my mom and I were VERY skeptical, it turned out great. We did add hot sauce for a kick, as it boosted flavor.