Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Roundup

1. I've neglected to mention that my mom and sister came for a brief visit last weekend. My sister very conveniently wrote about the visit and included photos, so I will direct you there rather than reinvent the wheel. I will add only that the most anachronistic moment of our Fort Vancouver excursion came when someone asked the blacksmith what he was working on and he said he was trying to make a bracelet like the $1500 steel one his girlfriend had seen at a gallery in the Pearl.

2. I was enjoying this post over at Rachel Balducci's blog, Testosterhome, mostly because I think Khaki Pellegrino is an awesome name. I tried playing along, but perhaps--just perhaps--it's overkill to try to generate a silly name when one's name is already GYPSY. My GANGSTA NAME, Gypizzle, sounds more like a gangsta euphamism (excuse me, I have to go take a gypizzle), and my STAR WARS name is the ever-so-galactic Margy.

3. I read this article at and was relieved to discover that I'm not the only person who avoids "good" movies if they contain depressing or violent subject matter. Ha. Score one for me in the normal column.

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