Monday, June 23, 2008

NOW I Get It

When I was a kid, I was nothing but annoyed by the character of Peter Pan. Who wouldn't want to grow up? I went through a phase in which I thought it was a really bum deal that grown-ups got to boss kids around, and achieving autonomy was my dearest wish.

Of course, the book Peter Pan was written by an adult. Now I'M an adult. In the past week I've paid someone to service the furnace at our old house, I've called to make sure the gutters were cleaned, I've dealt with the landlord and a plumber over the (still mysterious, despite reports to the contrary) stink in our rental house, I've called the cardiologist to make sure Willem's records were passed on to a new doctor, I've considered new health plans, I've paid the gardener who's mowing the lawn of our Boise home, and I've done some serious soul-searching about what kind of house we should live in and what we can afford as Shaun and I have entered into negotiations on a house. And of course there is the usual feeding and refereeing of children, grocery shopping, laundry, and the tiniest bit of housekeeping. So now I understand.

Truly, for the first time in my 35 years, I have found myself wishing that mom and dad would just take care of it. Grown-ups? Are you with me?

p.s. Shaun has probably done more than I have. He's just handling it better.


Anonymous said...

ARE WE WITH YOU???!!! Just a little! =) We're praying God's best in all of this! Can't wait to see you!

Jana said...

Ok little lady!!!!!!!!! Those are more exclamation points for you since we are competing. Aren't you supposed to leave a comment on MY blog? I thought to myself, huh, where is she? And there you were on your own blog! :) So good, I am glad you got my post. And so poor Rob has had to listen to me say, at least 100 times, "I cannot believe they moved to Vancouver, it would have been so awesome if we had been there at the same time". So he is thinking the same, because I normally took long and expensive trips to Target to placate my lonely existence. So anyhoo, we really need to talk because I have things to tell you and things to ask you! Will you email me at

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm with you. At some point, I keep thinking that I'll wake up and discover that this "work" thing really is just a hoax.

Fight on, and we will continue to pray for you guys.

Hillary said...

Well, I often DO just crawl back into kid mode. Just ask mom!

Of course, not having my own kids helps.

I experience this at the library when I just want SOMEONE ELSE to decide to call 911. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Why grow up? It's severly over rated any how!