Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shaun.

Yes, I forgot that Shaun's birthday was coming up already (well, remembered and forgot about a million times), until our realtor asked us what the date was yesterday when filling out some paperwork. We're lowering the asking price of our house again.

Shoot! I said. Tomorrow is Shaun's birthday.

I plan to celebrate the day today by watching Shaun perform amazing feats of moving strength. He's already packed all the books and carried them up the stairs. He's taken apart a few bookcases and wrapped them meticulously. I think the kids' toy storage bin is now packaged more carefully than it was when we got it shipped to us in the first place.

Fortunately for me (at a total loss as to what to have for a special dinner), the neighbors invited us over for dinner tonight. They are excellent cooks.

We have less than a week left in Boise, and of course it's one of the busier weeks on our family calendar, even without a move. Shaun's birthday today, our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, moving truck packing on Thursday, driving on Friday, unloading on Saturday, Mother's Day on Sunday.

In case you don't see any updates on this blog for a while, please refer to the previous paragraph.

Also, happy birthday to my brother-in-law Cliff, who performs amazing feats of strength for his family every day as well.

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eric O said...

Wow! For his birthday, Shaun received the ability to move abstract, immaterial, conceptual qualities?!?! That's a fabulous birthday present. You may have forgotten his birthday a few times but you really came through in the gift department. Please take some video of him moving strength and post it ... after the move, of course.