Monday, July 2, 2007

It Figures

Within a week of Shaun's company announcing a major reorganization (which will include an unspecified number of lay-offs in Boise), I learn that an Anthropologie store will be opening 12 blocks from our house.

Our family has lived in three states and one foreign country in the past seven years, and I'm usually up for adventure by the time it becomes a necessity. But, for the first time, I don't feel ready to move on. We're only starting to get settled. And we did move to Boise on purpose. I'm hoping the Big Plan is not going to require us to hightail it out of here quite yet.

It would be nice if we knew WHEN we will know. Some people will be let go right away, but the whole process may take up to a year. My first thought was that living day to day with so much uncertainty would be egregiously stressful. Then I realized that this is the true state we are living in all the time. It is good to be reminded (cliched schmaltzy conclusion alert!) that we never know what the next day will bring, only that God will walk through it with us.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh, but happiness is surely found in food. And if only I could speak French in order to get what I wanted at the shop, I would be so happy.

I did manage to ask for a Tresse Chocolat) no idea what it means, but that's what the sign said, and it was happiness itself.

I can't wait for you to see where I live!! (Well, not the apartment...ick, but the street).

As if someone larger power is forcing me to learn French, even this webpage for commenting on your blog is in French!! Strange.