Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Milestone: First Camping Trip

Last month we finally got around to taking the boys camping. It would have happened a lot sooner, but I had been resistant (OK, stubbornly refused) to go until both boys were stable on their feet and sleeping through the night. We would have gone last summer, but we were too busy getting settled in after our move to Washington from Idaho.

We probably STILL wouldn't have gone camping yet, were it not for the genius of our friend Lisa Marie, who organized a 30th birthday party for herself at Beacon Rock State Park. There was a Friday night chili cookout, and whoever wanted to stay and camp, did.

It turned out to be a perfect entry-level camping experience for the boys. There were lots of friends to play with, there was a giant rock to hike up, and we were only 15 miles from home! No long car ride to fuss about.

Little minivan in the woods.

The boys spent HOURS hanging out on this rock. I wish we had one just like it at home.

Mila easily wins the "cutest camper" award.

Here's the Morgan family at the start of the hike up Beacon Rock (disputably the second-largest rock monolith in the world, second only to the Rock of Gibraltar.)

Turns out Willem is as nervous about heights as I am, but Nels isn't bothered at all. He sped on ahead...

but that didn't stop me from holding his hand in a death grip as we crossed some of these open walkways. I would never, ever, ever take a badly-behaved kid up there. Holy smokes.

Willem settled in for a nap when we got to the top. Poor kid was tired and hungry. This winning combination results in...


Ugh, this photo gives me vertigo every time I see it. I was way out of my comfort zone on this hike.

Beacon Rock! We climbed it!

Camping dirt-face.

Yes, ma, we love camping.


Jana said...

Too fun!!! See, you are a sane person. Rob and I went camping when Meris was only 5 months old, in the snow...in Yosemite!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Mullins said...

Great! I love the picture of Willem with his signature face. He makes the best faces.

eric O said...

It's a good thing you didn't mention Beacon Rock when we were in town!