Thursday, July 2, 2009

Olympic Fun

We've been living in Camas for a year now, and I have to say that we have made very little progress when it comes to making friends here. The strange thing is that it doesn't seem to matter. Because we DO have friends in the greater Portland area (some of whom we hardly knew before and are enjoying getting better acquainted with), and between seeing those folks and spending time with extended family and getting our projects around the house done, it turns out that we are pretty busy all the time.

We get to do fun things like go visit our friends the Shackelfords. For Father's Day weekend we headed up to Olympia. On Saturday morning, dads and kids went to the air show while Heather and I hit the flea market and then went out to lunch. I can't imagine a more dandy way to spend a day.

Here are the kids taking a break after the air show. I would love to know what it is they're watching that caused the same expression on all three boys' faces.

That evening we were present for the inaugural use of the backyard fire pit. There were s'mores, of course.

Shaun is the undisputed kind of the toasted marshmallow.

Once the kids were safely tucked away, we got to enjoy some grown-up time. Heather recreated a tart she'd had with homemade apricot jam, yogurt, and honey-glazed pine nuts. It looked mighty good, and it tasted even better.

Yep. We were spoiled.

On Sunday morning, Dave and Shaun each took a boy kayaking (Nels's first time; I hear he did great), and then we all had lunch down by the water at Tugboat Annie's, where they make a burger big enough to slice up like a pizza and feed at least six people.

Amid the bustle of our fun and busy weekend, I abdicated all personal responsibility for making sure Shaun had a great Father's Day. I forgot to have the boys make him a card and I even made Shaun drive us home. (In my defense, that's only because I fell right asleep in the car after lunch.) I felt pretty bad once we got home and I saw on Facebook that all my friends were grilling up steaks and ribs for THEIR husbands. Shaun was nice about it and I was grateful.

One great feature of busy weekends is that they make the quiet ones RELAXING rather than BORING. So we've been greatly enjoying the best of both, and feeling thankful for where we've landed.

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