Friday, June 12, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Though I don't think I've ever actually used a Valpak coupon, I always open the envelope and see what the good folks at Valpak have to offer. In this case, it was a free dinner for two at Ruby Tuesday. Here's the fine print, exactly as written:

"The dinner is completely FREE! Leave your check books at home. The Dinner at 6:00 pm is for you and up to 3 other adult couples of your choice. There will be a brief Fire Safety Class. Fire escape plans will be talked about and they will light a few things on fire. It is very educational. The evening is completely free. This event is for Adult couples in the Vancouver Location only. Seating is limited and Certificate must be activated before used. Call (360) 326-8892 to activate. Please do not call the restaurant as you will be redirected to the number above. *Subject to company rules. Redeemable only at the location above and must be confirmed with the number above*
Sponsored by Fire Safety ETC"

THEY WILL LIGHT A FEW THINGS ON FIRE! Can you IMAGINE rounding up all of your friends and enjoying an evening of fire safety education at Ruby Tuesday? Oh Valpak, I treasure you.


EMILY said...

I would definitely go to that if I were you. This is the night that will bring the story that will make you famous for writing. Go. I'm not kidding. I don't even know you, but I know this. Go!

Gypmar said...

Emily, I was totally thinking the same thing. Except for the famous part.

Annie nannie said...

Oh, can I go, too? Puleeeeeezzzzz????

Stephanie said...

Too bad they stipulate the whole "adults only" requirement. What better entertainment for the children than open flame?

Rob said...

That is really, really funny!! WHAT are they going to light on fire is the question!!! Jana