Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Turn!

After being jealous of our friends in California who get to spend time with the Oldenburgs while they're here in the States, I was happy when they very kindly paid a visit to our neck of the woods. Our kids get out of sorts when they have a two day change of schedule, so I really appreciate the sacrifice Eric and Josie are making when they travel all over to visit friends and supporters.

On this trip they stayed with Shaun's folks for a few days first. Imagine the disappointment for their son Dietrich when they came to our house next--we have no river, no real tractor, no toy trains. What we DO have are two rivals for toys and attention. With Dietrich at the "needs to learn to share" stage and Willem at the "needs to learn not to tattle" stage, our ears didn't get much of a break. But it was actually a pleasant change for me from the normal Nels/Willem conflict I usually get all day.

Shaun took half of Thursday and all of Friday off, which made it feel like real vacation. He almost never does that. On Friday morning we lazed about and Shaun cooked us a big, delicious breakfast. It was a really nice day. We played out in the yard, took a walk around our lake, and played at the park.

Happiness is three boys on a tire swing.

Taking after his dad, Dietrich enjoys some ice cream.

Eric and Josie fit into our household quite well.

On Saturday morning we had doughnuts and, despite the rain in the forecast, headed for the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

Dietrich is introduced to the cotton candy doughnut.

Polar bears RULE.

It rained. There's my cold and crabby face.

On Sunday we all went to Shaun's folks' church to hear Eric and Josie give a presentation on their work and life in Ukraine. It was fascinating. 

Later that evening we all had pizza together, and Eric and Josie snuck out even later to go have some dessert to celebrate their anniversary.

A three-boy horsey-back ride comes to an abrupt end.

The last thing we did before they shipped out on Monday afternoon was eat a piece of peanut butter tart.

We'll miss 'em.

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eric O said...

Any chance you could ship us some of those delicious cotton candy donuts once we return to Ukraine? They don't have donuts at all there and those bad boys are about the only donuts worth the cost of shipping.

Thanks, again, for the great time and the great post about the great time. We'll be able to recollect with much fondness for years to come.