Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrations II

Nels managed to get a head cold and a dandy case of pink-eye on Sunday night. We got him into the doctor first thing on Monday so we could get him started on eye drops. Because darned if we were going to miss the Mother's Day Tea at his school. He'd been telling me for two weeks that they would be serving lemonade. I was personally hoping for tea, but I guess the title of the event was not to be taken literally. Preschoolers and boiling hot beverages may not be the best combination, anyhow.

Here is my fancy tea tray. Nels dropped my log-shaped cookie on the ground and ate my giant strawberry before he realized he was going to get his own food. I didn't make him give me his cookie, though I did reclaim a strawberry.

See those teeny tiny chairs? We all sat in them. The kid next to Nels was in "show-off mode" according to his mother.  "Show-off mode" meant things like grabbing my shoulder in a five year-old death grip and repeatedly taking my purse. It was a relief not to have the weirdest kid for a change.

Look how thrilled Nels is to present me with my gift! He actually was excited, it was just hard for him to muster an enthusiastic expression, what with the pink-eye and all.

The teachers worked very hard to make it a special event, and I'll look forward to Willem's turn. I'll be hoping for tea.


Hillary said...

I am having a Mother's Day Tea at the library with actual tea, porcelain cups and saucers...Please no one burn yourself! Hopefully, it won't be all preschoolers!

Ariana said...

This is super sweet! I am impressed that his preschool would do all of that work.

Gypmar said...

Hillary, I am sure they will all rise to the occasion.

Ariana, his school is totally nuts that way. They are always doing special programs for the parents and really involved projects. When Willem had his heart surgery they made him a book--each class in the entire school contributed a page with pictures and their names. And he doesn't even go there yet!

Misty said...

I can relate. We had "Muffins with Mom" at Noah's school today. We shared food, spilled juice, and the children presented song, verse, and gift to their moms. There was even a misfired whipped cream incident. So much fun! I love kindergarten...