Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrations III

Shaun and I got married nine years ago yesterday. That is a good and amazing thing. You'd think a Wednesday night wouldn't lend itself to festivities, but that's not the case. Sure, we're going out for fancy food this weekend, but that did not stop Shaun from making the actual day special.

He came home from work early enough to fix dinner (french toast, because that's all we had the makings for; and breakfast IS the sixth love language) in time for us to eat together BEFORE I WENT TO MY CLASS. Yes, I still got to go to class. And when I came home the kids were in bed and the dishes were done and the house was clean and he fixed me a martini. Yes, I would certainly marry him all over again.

You may have noticed that I mentioned fancy food. I am giddy with excitement over having dinner at Beast on Saturday night. Click here, read our menu for the night, and then come back so we can discuss.

I'm so worked up that I'm bound to be disappointed. For starters, the words "seared" in reference to the duck breast and the scallop have me a little worried. In the past, "seared" has been code for "raw in the middle." I've heard, though, that this has fallen out of fashion, and I'm going to trust that the best chef in Portland (according to Portland Monthly) is not going to do me wrong.

White asparagus soup can't be bad, pate with pork, pork liver, pistachios, and sour cherries sounds delicious, and the thought of rhubarb tarte tatin with aged balsamic ice cream and rosemary caramel makes me want to cry. Happy tears. 

And Shaun is putting up with all this fancyness because he loves me. Next year it's his pick.

UPDATE- Beast has changed their website since I first posted this. The link above now sends you to the restaurant but not to our particular menu.


Hillary said...

Congratulations! I would have you marry Shaun all over again too.

Mullins said...

Poor, poor Shaun, having to eat fancy food at Beast. We'll remember him this weekend. Have fun. Can't wait to hear how it tastes.

Anonymous said...

congrats on 9 years! here's to even more! enjoy your feast!


annie nannie said...

Sounds simply delightful! Congrats on 9 years - my how time flies. I still have such fond memories of your wedding - especially the folks who read historic wedding prayers - beautiful.

The whole menu sounds yummy - hope it doesn't let you down. But - if it does, come on down to over Memorial Day and have some good haggis! I maintain that it's like pate with accoutrement. :) We'll be hosting the Celtic Harp tent and my friends in the OC Harp Troupe will be performing. I'm just the roady this time.

Jana said...

Yes, we both got good ones didn't we??? Gosh all your food descriptions are killing me!! I want to go! Are you still enjoying Vancouver?

Gypmar said...

Hmmm...the Beast link has not been working for a few days, which has me worried. I'm going to post an update very was great, I've just been very busy and now sick.