Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Have Not Fallen Into A Ditch

But it feels like I have. Sorry for the long quiet here. Nels was sick, Willem got sick, and then Shaun and I both got sick, sick, sick at the same time, and we've had a pretty miserable week of it. 

I will tell you all about our fabulous dinner at Beast and our other recent adventures very, very soon. But first I have to catch up on the housework. Things are getting pretty squalid around here.



DaveShack said...

It's that Nels. If you can get that kid to eat more bugs, or to maybe stop washing his hands before meals, maybe the whole family could stay healthier!

It's kind of like teaching your ambassador kung-fu: if he can't defend himself out in coughy-puke kid land, the hostiles will just return with him to enslave your citizens.

Captcha: nopew -- appropriate?

Gretchen said...

Glad to hear you are all on the mend now! =0)