Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrations I

Shaun went and turned 35 on Monday. I appreciated this, as I've been 36 since November and it seemed cruel that he should only have been 34.

We celebrated with his folks on Sunday. They fixed a deluxe sourdough waffle brunch with all the trimmings. (Trimmings in this case consisting mostly of pork products.) Then we all piled in our minivan and headed to the coast for a hike at Cape Lookout State Park. We thought we'd just bundle up against the predicted rain, but it never materialized.

No rain, but we hadn't counted on the mud. We wouldn't let Willem even attempt to walk in it. We slogged through it for about an hour and then turned back. Both the drive and the hike were a little longer than we'd reckoned, so it was fine to cut things short. 

We stopped at Pacific Seafood for--yes, you guessed it--seafood on the way home.

On Shaun's actual birthday we were less ambitious. I fixed some halibut (because you can never have too much seafood and it actually costs less than $20 a pound right now) and a popcorn cake.

See how fun we are? Does this kid's body language say "party" or what?


Amy said...

please tell me what a popcorn cake is...I'm fascinated.

Gypmar said...

Ah, yes. It's Kathy Magee's recipe, and it's essentially a rice krispie treat made with popcorn instead. Mix in spiced gumdrops and press into an angel food cake pan. And there you have one of Shaun's favorites.