Monday, August 6, 2012

We Camped

A week after school got out, just over a month ago, we went camping at Cape Disappointment State Park. I think we can all agree that if you camp at a place named Cape Disappointment, you forfeit the right to complain if anything doesn't go well. It's not like they didn't warn you.

The campground on the lovely Long Beach peninsula fills up fast in the summer, so we had to make reservations before we knew it would be a rainy weekend. When we got to the campground, we noticed that everyone either had a camper or a canopy. We had a tent with a rain fly. But we also had a secret weapon in the person of Shaun, who MacGyvered a shelter over our picnic table with the tarp we usually put under the tent.

It rained (mostly just drizzle) off and on for the duration of our stay. The sun came out the morning we left. A few times a day, Shaun and I would put our heads together and say that we'd go home if it got any worse, but then it would slightly improve, so we ended up sticking it out. Shaun feared that a rainy camp experience would make me never want to camp again, so he worked extra extra hard making it pleasant for everyone. I hardly had to lift a finger.

So, yes, it was damp. And yes, Nels did throw up once after a bit of ash from the fire flew down his throat. And one night Shaun and I were awakened in the wee hours by the couple camping next to us. Ahem. But the trip was well worth the while.

The camp sites themselves were not particularly interesting, and they were very close together. I like that we had a crazy muppet-looking rock on ours.

Boys on aforementioned rock.

A walk on "our" beach the first evening we were there. 

Shaun took lots of nice pictures, so those are coming next. Broken up into days so as not to overwhelm.

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Annie Nannie said...

So gorgeous! Looking forward to more of Shaun's pics.