Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thank You, Internet

Today on Twitter, Biola professor Fred Sanders tweeted a link to this list of best books for writers. The title and description of the book On Looking: Essays caught my eye. Noting that the author teaches at the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA in Tacoma, Washington, I looked up the program. Then I looked to see who teaches in the program.

And that's how I discovered that there's an American writer who writes fiction and essays about Appalachia whose name is Ann Pancake. Could anything be more wonderful?

p.s. According to Wikipedia, she is a distant relative of the writer Breece D'J Pancake, whom I also never heard of before today but obviously need to familiarize myself with. Do read his Wikipedia bio, at least.

p.p.s. And as if that weren't enough, you can find Ann Pancake's brother, actor Sam Pancake, here on IMDB.


alison owen said...

the repeated short A sound is one of Peter's favorites, so I suspect he would like ann pancake. all my amanda friends have repeated short As: amanda hamilton, amanda pants, amanda tan. Isn't that weird? There's my tangent in response to yours :)

Gypmar said...

That is an awesome tangent, and I love all of those names.

I wanted to read or write a story about a girl named Anna Pancake once I heard it. Now it needs to be about Anna Pancake and Amanda Pants. I could say that all day long.

alison owen said...

yes, there is a nice ring to that pairing :)
write that story, I'd read it! Stories have begun on less, I'm sure...

Oleg K. said...

Take a gander at this: Garret Edgar Waffle

alison owen said...

and continuing with the names thing, have you read John Hodgman's list of 800 imaginary hobo names? It's totally hysterical. Our internet connection is called "meep meep the italian tailor" (#72)
I had a student a couple years ago named Sincere Crosby. That name has stuck with me.