Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Camping, Day 1

Rise and shine!

 Here we are hunkered down under the shelter Shaun put up for us, eating the hot breakfast he fixed for us. Every family should be so lucky as to have a Shaun.

The first business of the day was to take a long walk out onto the jetty. It was windy.

Very, very windy.

And gray. 

And windy.

We walked out until the footing started to get more challenging (for me) and watched the pelicans and the seals, and even some arctic terns fraternizing with a flock of seagulls on the beach. A passerby was kind enough to point them out.

Afterwards we let the boys loose on the beach next to the jetty. It was perfect kite weather. No running required. 

The boys enjoyed exploring all of the shelter remnants we encountered. There were many.

But the best fun of all was jumping off the edge of the bluff. They could have done this all weekend.

At this point I was wondering how much of this sand was going to end up in his sleeping bag.

After the beach, we stopped by the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center for a bit before it closed. The center charges admission for the Lewis and Clark display, but not for the floor devoted to maritime history.

Outside are the remains of Fort Canby. We didn't linger long, but we walked through the fortifications. The signage was good: a diagram showed us what all of the different rooms were used for, so it we could imagine them in use as we looked around.

Here's a photo of a soldier posted right in front of the spot where it was taken.

And back to camp to poke a fire with a stick. What more does a boy need?

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