Monday, September 5, 2011

Vernonia's 55th Friendship Jamboree

According to The Independent, "The Vernonia Friendship Jamboree was started 55 years ago as a way for people to get together and reconnect after so many people left to find work elsewhere when the mill was closed for good."

Events this year included a parade, a car show, lots of live music, a horse gaming show, a logging show, and a kids' fishing derby. Shaun's Aunt Nancy was out for a visit, and while we couldn't make an entire weekend of it, we did get to the parade with Shaun's family.

There were lots of nice old cars. Somehow it's more special to see a restored classic when it's obvious its owner didn't have unlimited amounts of money to pour into it.

Lots of restored tractors too. This fellow is driving a 1944 John Deere. Sadly, our boys have outgrown their tractor obsession.

This boy's sign says, "I captured my pride in Vernonia." His entire family is following behind him, tied up and wearing animal costumes. It was a little confusing. It also inspired Nels to add "mini 4-wheeler" to his birthday wish list.


This clown is a hot mess.

This "float" stopped periodically so they could do a little demo and run the saws.

Monster trucks are loud.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this guy had the most ill-conceived costume of the day.

I mean, seriously.

Do note those HUGE logs on the truck driving away. The crowd was duly appreciative.

Good bye, parade.

All done.

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alison owen said...

This is hilarious. I hate parades, but I think I'd like that one.
I am happily mystified by the captured pride. And the suicide bomber.