Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Outtakes

School finally started this week. Here are a few last pictures from our summer before we leave it behind for good.

Reading a magazine from Auntie Nancy.

Stir-crazy happens.

Brownie batter.

Water gun fight, then popsicles with friend Charlie.

This is the Sunday Willem wore all of his silly bands and his pirate ring to church and told everyone he would like to be called Spike.

At the Magee's farm for the Shay family reunion. Shay is Shaun's grandma's maiden name and also my mom's maiden name. Fingers crossed that we're not too closely related.

One of the reunion-goers showed us the amazing guns he makes out of wood. All the pieces are there and they come apart like a real gun. Most of them are life-sized, but not this bad boy. They really are beautiful.

Disconsolate kitty.

Family bike ride.

I guess summer is not officially over yet, but I think we can say good-bye now. It was a good one.

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Auntie Nannie said...

Love the pics! What a great summer - but also good to have a few hours of peace now that our wee scholars have entered formal academia. Wonderful talking with you folks just now and hearing the grand tales of their first week.