Monday, September 5, 2011

A Friendly Visit

Our friends the Hamiltons came for a visit in August. Here are some pictures from their stay.

Willem wasn't getting enough attention, so he fashioned himself some alien antennae. I like how they look like fried eggs.

We were going to see a fancy car exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, but there were so many cool cars parked outside as part of the show that we just checked those out for free. We are cheap.

We went to a bike shop in Portland that carries hard-to-find Pilen bicycles like the one Amanda won so she could check out a child-carrier seat to go with it. They had all sorts of crazy bicycle carts there. Here's one loaded with cute cargo.

We went grocery shopping.

At home, Willem read to Esly.

They're buddies.

Apparently, this is how our kids responded when we were downtown visiting Shaun's new work building and Andrew said he wanted to get a picture. God bless 'em.

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Annie Nannie said...

Love those kids!

Great pics and kudos to Amanda! Terrific!