Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Field Trip

Shaun's cousin Jared and his wife Amy (and their daughter Sunita and Jared's mom Marsha) are wrapping up a long-anticipated trip to China to bring home their adopted son Titus.

Today I'm suggesting that you visit Amy's blog and read all about their experience there. Every bit is moving and fascinating (for instance, striking little Sunita, adopted from India, is mobbed like a celebrity wherever they go), but do be sure not to miss Amy's reflections on the first night they are all together and her thoughts upon visiting the place where Titus was found when he was two months old. Have a tissue handy.

I know that my tendency is to try not to think about the misery that children the world over face, because it is so horrible and I can't fix it. It's easier to look away. But Jesus didn't do that. He came to be with us in this messy place. I am humbled and blessed (a word I don't use often or lightly) to watch Jared and Amy follow his example.

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Jared said...

Well that was humbling. Sometimes it feels like a ministry, but most of the time it just feels like life. We hope to give these kids a better life than they would have had otherwise, but they also bring us more joy than we could have ever imagined. We also feel humbled and blessed at the love and support we've received from all our friends and family... not to mention people we've never even met! God's hand and the blanketing of prayer support we've received throughout both of our adoptions has been glaringly obvious.