Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Stuff We've Been Doing

Ten days ago Nels went to his first, and so far only, day of pre-school. A stomach bug kept him from going last week, and a cold kept him home today. Gretchen, if you're reading this, I feel your pain.

Willem has been working on getting some new teeth in. This causes a bit of loopy face-making.

The boys got a bath. Sadly, this is more noteworthy than I'd like to admit.

On the other hand, happily noteworthy is the fact that Shaun got Nels a trailer bike. Here they are giving it an inaugural spin. (And no, we haven't bought a helmet yet, so there's been no riding since. Despite the fact that we live in Idaho, we don't condone riding without a helmet.) If you look at the picture full-size you'll see that Nels is wearing his pajamas because he just got out of the aforementioned noteworthy bath.

Here is Willem's face upon seeing his dad and brother ride by.

And, finally, here is our family after having enjoyed a repast of smothered fries and New Orleans popcorn shrimp at the Hyde Park Street Fair. The fact that the fair features four hours of drum circle over its weekend-long run tells you all you need to know about it. I include this photo because it features the look that Nels refers to as "Naughty Eyes."

We've got exciting things coming up this week, including Nels's 4th birthday, a heart check-up for Willem's ticker, a visit from Me-ma (that's my mom as she is known to her grandsons), and a They Might Be Giants concert. So stay tuned for more Stuff We've Been Doing.


DaveShack said...

Bravo, well-couched pictures.

Gretchen said...

You guys are busy! I love the "naughty eyes" picture that is too funny.
Everybody says that day care/pre-school builds immunity but goodness! Sorry to hear about your sick experience.

shaun said...

For those unaware, Idaho has no helmet law. You're not required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in our lovely state, and if you're new to it, it's an odd (and scary) sight. Especially at 75mph.

Hillary said...

Happy birthday to Nels!

I can't wait to see pictures from the party...I hear from "Me ma" that there's a very special construction cake in the works.

Do you think Shaun would mind pedaling me around next time I visit?

Nancy said...

Hey Shaun - that looks like so much fun and Hillary - I love the idea of a ride! Fun!

Love the pics - I'll share them w/ mom. She loved seeing your pics from your walk around town.

Sorry that Nels has been ill - wonder if Henry was sharing his pain from afar. Is there such a thing as cousin-sypmpathetic-tummy-flu?

eric O said...

How was the TMBG concert? They are, hand down, one of the best live bands out there. It's more like a party than a concert. There should be helmet laws for their shows ... but it sounds like Idaho would consider that freedom infringement.

eric O said...

Make that, "hands down", unless, of course, you're an amputee. If so, then even Idaho would have to let you get away with only one hand down.

Gypmar said...

Oh, Eric, it is with great sadness that I report that TMBG seemed to be bitter about playing Boise. My blog will contain more details soon...it's taken me a few days to recover from my disappointed high expectations :)