Sunday, September 30, 2007

October Eve

When we woke up this morning, it was a perfectly fall-ish day. Blue blue sky, fluffy white clouds, the wind making all the leaves quiver, and chill, chill, chilly. Now it's a perfectly fall-ish evening, and the sky is still blue and the wind is still blowing, but it's warm and wonderful.

The boys are playing in the yard. I am supposed to be tidying the house, as we are expecting friends for dinner. Shaun has been deeply affected by our weekend Food Network television viewing and is now preparing a double-crust apple pie. Inspired by Fine Living's "Thirsty Traveler" episode on bourbon, we have this evening sampled a bit of Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon and some Bushmill's Irish whiskey by way of comparison. To those who say television is a bad influence, I say, "faugh."

The boys make short work of the left over apples.


Hillary said...

Go Shaun!

I'm so jealous of your October weather. It is hot hot hot hear, but I am in denial and, at the moment, baking a butternut squash, some apples, and shallots for soup and ravioli. If I had air conditioning, I could really get into the spirit.

I'll be expecting some mighty fine pies at Christmas. Still three months to practice!

Hillary said...

Here, not hear, I meant.

Nancy said...

Christmas? Now I'm jealous! =)

One of these days we'll get up to see you guys. Maybe this Spring break or summer. Sigh ... we gotta see those boys again before they're in college! =)

Trader Joel said...

I like the matching shirts-and facial expressions.