Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's Go for a Walk

It was such a nice day today that I thought you might like to join the boys and me on our walk to the post office.

Our conveyance of choice

We walk three blocks down our street.

Now we take a left, and in the remaining eight blocks, here's what we'll pass:

The dry cleaner. The kids have only been here twice, but they have already learned that the place has a big candy/snack stash that is brought out if mom gives her permission.

This sign that I like.

The Jim's Coffee House Chicken.

St. John's.

This strange apartment building. Really, in person, it's odd.

The Episcopal "Bishop Tuttle House"

This building with a nice brick facade.

The State of Idaho's Capitol building, under renovation. Needless to say, the boys prefer it this way.

These nice Art Deco door handles. Oh, look! We're there. That's the Post Office building reflected in the glass.

Regardless of what the sign says, this is how we have to get in.

It's fancy in here!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our walk. We sure did, although Nels hadn't really counted on how uncomfortable his emergency services helmet and plastic holster with pop gun would become on the hot afternoon. He shed them immediately upon our return.

Now let's take a nap.


Gretchen said...

That's great. It's fun to see all of the local sights. =) The boys (you) must have been tired after such a nice long, interesting walk!

Hillary said...

That WAS an interesting walk. And I'm not even tired!

You know, you should submit this to a publisher. I haven't seen it done quite in this way before, but it would make a really great picture book.

Gypmar said...

Thanks, Gretchen--I got to thinking that Boise's been in the news a lot lately (thanks to our senator) and that people who haven't been here might like to learn something more pleasant about it. :)

Hillary...sounds like we have a project to work on at Christmas time... if you're willing, and in the country.

amandahamilton said...

That anonymous brick building is the orginal public library, which became the offices of a law firm when the library moved to its present location. Then the anonymous building was purchased by the Episcopal church across the street and turned into a halfway house/shelter. I think they should have just left the library there.

Gypmar said...

Oh MAN! Hillary and I were lamenting that the "new" library is so ugly. We thought it was strange that the library didn't occupy one of the many beautiful old buildings around downtown. Bummer. Now there's a "for lease" sign on the lawn, so who knows what's coming next?!

Trader Joel said...


Great idea. I didn't know you lived so close to the capitol.

Since the news of your senator took place here in Minneapolis (and since the bridge collapsed), I also can identify with wanting to put your city in a more pleasant light...well done.

Hillary said...

I'm up for a Christmas project! I'll start looking into publishers who might be interested.

nancy said...

Thought you'd like to know that your blog and especially this pictorial tour 'round your home received rave reviews in numerous conversations at the Oldenburg's reception Tues. night. So great to be connected to your world via your pics and descriptions. Not quite spending time with you - but almost the next best thing. Thanx! Boise looks lovely!