Friday, September 14, 2007

Sorry to Disappoint You

"Mom, can you get all of the bumps out of the sidewalk?"


"If you were Cinderella you could do it."


DaveShack said...

I think one of the apocrypha had Satan asking Jesus that same question: "Since you are the Christ, why not smooth your path?" To which Christ allegedly replied, "As the scriptures say, my Father may lead me in such a path, but I may not fashion one for myself."

And then the text says that because he didn't, he broke his glass sandal, and all sorts of hell broke loose. But that was God's plan, so it wasn't so bad after all.

Gretchen said...

It sounds like someone is trying to figure out how real those Disney characters are. It's always good to check these facts out just in case mom is actually a super hero in disguise or at least a princess with magical powers.... that might come in handy you know.