Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Such a Winter's Day

One week to the day before we left for California, we woke up to this:

We were ready for some sun. But snow in town in winter is just as rare as sunshine, and even more welcome to the boys. The Grandmartins invited us out for a Saturday of snow at their place. Thanks to their higher elevation, it usually sticks around longer there than it does in Camas.

First they fueled us up with a beauty of a brunch.

There was plenty of snow left to play in.

The boys had the time of their lives "sledding" down a very slight hill. Nels in particular.

Uh oh. Starting to fade.

Crazy river icicles.

Stick a fork in that boy...

he's done.

Nothing a little lolling about in front of the wood stove playing with Daddy's new iPhone can't fix.

Round 2! We dried off their gear before they put it all on again and went out for one final hurrah of the day. Grandma knit the hat!

Up next: sun.


Mullins said...

What great shots! Man you're kids look older since we saw them last.

Gypmar said...

Seriously, can you believe how quickly they change? Although I guess it's been a while! We'll have to fix that soon :)