Friday, March 11, 2011

And We're Off

Somebody's excited.

Just taking the shuttle bus from long-term parking was a thrilling novelty for our easily entertained crew. At some point, Willem scooted over to put his arm around Nels. Which was a thrilling novelty for me.

Buckling up! This was our our first time flying together as a family of four.

It's ginger ale, I swear.

The boys went to school on Thursday and our flight didn't leave until dinner time, which made for a very long day. They didn't get to bed until eleven o'clock, and I worried about the toll that might take on our Friday. But it's hard to worry too much when you wake up to this:

Well, ok, I could still worry. Because the first order of business was to go pick up my grandpa on our way to an afternoon at Knott's Berry Farm. And my grandpa is a bit...hmm.... I will go with the word "eccentric" for our purposes today.

Here's his house in Garden Grove, peeking out from behind his prodigiously overgrown front yard.

It's kind of like the Disneyland Jungle Cruise but with a silver Miata instead of boats.

And reminders not to forget your fanny pack.

Seriously. Do not forget the fanny pack.

Knott's is next!


alison owen said...

why is there a handle on the tree?

Gypmar said...

Alison, I think it's a DIY handrail for getting up and down the porch stairs. There's one on the post also.

alison owen said...

awesome. my grandma used to have signs everywhere that said "posture!", which, actually, I could use, too.

Gypmar said...

Ha! I could totally use that too.