Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry For the Delay...

Astoria was amazing, and I did make it back alive.

HOWEVER.  If one is feeling a little (or very) cooped up and cranky due to weeks of illness and poor sleep and excess quality time with one's wee family members, the cure for what ails ya' is NOT to invest in 24 hours of INTENSE TOGETHERNESS.  

Actually, the only time I almost lost it was at bedtime, when the boys played and squabbled in their bed for over an hour.  And we'd already put them to bed an hour late.  I was dying for some quiet. Every awful noise they emitted made me angrier and angrier.  I fumed.  And now I know why that expression exists, because in my mind my face was bright red and smoke was coming out of  my ears.  The typical boy behavior and my exasperated response seemed to amuse Shaun, which of course made it all ten times worse.  Then he fell asleep. Turkey.

It was actually a fantastic trip.  I'm looking forward to going again when I'm in a better state of mind to properly appreciate it.  And I will share all our adventures in my next post.  I'm trying to work out the particulars of how to deal with photos now that Shaun pretty much takes all of them and has his own blog.  Of course he gives me carte blanche to use anything, but I always feel too guilty to use something great before he does.  Still figuring it out.

Even through my tiredness, I could plainly see that Astoria is an excellent weekend destination. I highly recommend it.

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