Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It Can't Come Soon Enough

How much am I looking forward to getting away to Boise for three nights without the kids?

Well, this afternoon Willem tasted his own earwax and let me know I had "a little bit hair" on my chin.

That right there should pretty much tell you.


annie nannie said...

Oh my nerves!

You deserve some friend time, most certainly!

Rob said...

Oh for the love of getting away. You are going to love it!!!! Jana

Misty said...

Hilarious! Aren't kids so precious. Have a great time away. Lucky.

Anonymous said...

I just checked your blog for a good laugh-and you did not disappoint. Love the chin hair comment-really does say it all. when do you get to leave-have a grand time-is it to hang w/ your friends? Maybe we can meet up in July- I will likely be limited as I may not have a car this time-I don't really want to make the drive from here to there by my lonesome. NIGHTMARE!

Gypmar said...

Is that you, Heather? :) We DID have a grand old time visiting friends for the weekend, thanks!

Yes, let's try to get together. And yes, the mere thought of making that drive with two kids and no back-up adult is almost enough to give me a break-down.