Thursday, July 24, 2008


Care to take the house tour?

Here's the spot where we ate our first dinner at our new house tonight. There are other, more picturesque built-in benches in our deck, but this was the only shady one at dinner time.

Our house has four bedrooms and two baths. Upstairs are three bedrooms, a bathroom, the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Downstairs we have a family room, one bedroom (which we'll use as an office), a bathroom, and a laundry room. When you come for an overnight visit, we'll throw a mattress on the floor in the family room, and you'll have an entire downstairs suite to yourself.

Here's what you see when you walk in the front door:

And now the...

Living Room

Dining Room


Willem's Room

Nels's Room

Our Room

Upstairs bathroom

Entryway, headed downstairs

Groovy Family Room

Laundry Room

Two Car Garage!

Back Deck

View of the house from the back yard. Yes, that is a HOT TUB!

(The obsessively observant among you might notice that I'm missing photos of the downstairs bedroom and bathroom. This is due to my difficulty posting lots of photos in order on Blogger. I'm grateful I got as many photos in the desired order as I did on this "tour". Rest assured, the missing rooms are quite similar in character [small, clean; outdated, but inoffensive] to the rest of the rooms.)

Phew. What an emotional day it's been. Tomorrow the work of moving begins in earnest. Onward! Upward!


Hillary said...

Well, I keep thinking I'm being overly greedy to be checking your blog TWICE a day, but I have been very pleasantly surprised to find a new entry every time! I can't imagine how you find time to post blog entries, but I'm having so much fun "being there" with you.

Gretchen said...

It looks like you will have some fun making it your own. What can you do with the funky paneling?
It really looks like it was well maintained and how cool is the the back yard complete with hot tub??
So fun to see your fabulous new house!!

Karen said...

Yeah! A wonderful blank slate. Can't wait to see it with your new colors and lovely goods in place. Have fun. Hugs to you and the boys.

ancy ancy said...

Looking forward to seeing you and your new home in a few weeks. Sooo glad the house is working out. Hope all goes well with the move and there will be no odious odoriferous surprises!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys want the picnic table Shaun made back for your deck.
Grandpa Martin

richard said...

Holy crap you guys have been busy bloggers since I last visited your blog!

Congrats on the new place, I can't wait to see it when I get back! We will definatly have to go out!

Drop me a note and let me know how your doing!

David Seruyange said...

Hey - message for Shaun, I just saw a comment you made on my blog. Let's get in touch, my email address is my firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com.

Jana said...

I love it!!! Huge yard!! It's a really nice house. And I also noted the sunny day, ahhhhh perfect!!!!

richard said...

Hey kids, I tagged you on my blog, so now you have to read it and answer my question.

You know all the usual rhetoric comes along with it: bad luck if you don't repost within 48 hours bla bla bla, hey at least your not in Kuwait where it was 127 this week!

ofifteen said...

Congratulations, enjoy making it your own :)

'designing your life'