Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good BYE!

Goodbye, house stink.
Goodbye, train whistles interrupting our sleep, television viewing, and telephone conversations.
Goodbye, landlords.
Goodbye, sketchy characters hanging out down by the river.
Goodbye, splinters in our feet from the wrecked wood floors.
Goodbye, needing my keys to do laundry in the basement.
Goodbye, toilet that usually needs to be flushed twice.
Goodbye, bathroom in the kitchen without a mirror.
Goodbye, heat that doesn't warm the upstairs where the bedrooms are.
Goodbye, nasty-looking opossum who lives in our "garden."
Goodbye, mama cat and four kittens loitering in our yard.
Goodbye, drag racers in the wee hours.
Goodbye, pot-smoking neighbors in the single-wide.
Goodbye, neighborhood-wide eau de sewer.

Goodbye, and good riddance.

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