Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Day

The first half of May is always a little crazy for us. The fact that Shaun's birthday, our anniversary, and Mother's Day come in quick succession all but ensures that at least one of these celebrations will be less than all-out.

We started May 1 by "teaching" the 2-3 year-olds at church. Neither Shaun nor I feel at all gifted in this area, but we do it once every 6 weeks or so to give the regular folks a break. On this particular Sunday the service went late, and the kids started running laps around the carpet. I persuaded them to listen to (the first two pages of) a book instead. I thought my boys were champions of invading personal space, but, as you can see below, darling Solveig has found a way to top them.

Shaun suggested we take advantage of the nice day and head for the coast. Fish and chips, ahoy!

Oops. Coulda used some sunglasses.

We decided to check out the beach at Cape Disappointment, where Shaun had camped with friends a few weeks ago. I had never been. It's beautiful.

Up by the tree line, the sand is black and glittery and silky. I basically spent the entire time seeking out warm patches of undisturbed sand to stick my feet in. (It was really windy, so I was in hunker-down mode.)

Where's Waldo? I looked at this picture at least three times before I noticed Willem was in it.

Nels got a good laugh from us when he accidentally gave himself a goatee. So of course...

he had to go bigger. He didn't think it through very well.

Still, it was worth it.

Mind over matter in action. Keep busy and you won't even notice the cold.

I'm looking forward to camping here some day. Some day warmer. How can you beat this?

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