Monday, May 16, 2011

April III

On the Thursday before Easter we went to a Seder at our church. It was facilitated by a local messianic Jewish congregation. They did some dancing as well. Willem watched them intently and then pointed his finger at one dancer with straight, shining hair and a particularly attractive smile.

"I like that one," he declared.

Lighting the candles.

The day before Easter, we participated in our church's egg hunt for the first time. We got there just before it started, and it was crazy to see the people streaming out of the surrounding neighborhoods as we drove up. There were 2000 eggs "hidden." Mostly just strewn on the lawn.

Willem got to cruise his way to double-digit eggs. Nels was the youngest in a category with far fewer eggs to find and tougher competition. He was disgruntled to end up with only four eggs. Willem shared. But we all know it's just not the same.

Afterwards we tried a fancy local pizza place for the first time. Nels is wearing a necklace with feet that he earned at school by running at recess. He added two pendants made of Lego for some additional bling.

I cannot resist a pizza with a big pile of arugula on top. (Spell check is telling me that arugula is not a word and suggests that I try jugular instead.)

We enjoyed our one day of outright sunshine. This is the time of year Shaun starts daydreaming about moving to Arizona.

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