Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That's It For Summer

I thought I was way behind, but it turns out that today is the last day of summer. So this last post on our summer adventures is perfectly timed.

We decided to squeeze a quick trip to Boise in and be back in time to celebrate Labor Day with Shaun's extended family. Which meant that on the Thursday before school started, we went to meet Nels's teacher and saw his new classroom for about two minutes before we hopped in the van and drove to Boise.

I hadn't realized that we were supposed to read the papers the teacher had handed us while we were still at school. So we didn't find Nels's cubby, we didn't show him how to get from his classroom to the playground, and, most importantly, we didn't show him where the bathroom was. As an over-preparer, this worried me, but Shaun assured me that Nels would be fine. (And indeed he was fine, though he did get lost on his first trip from the bathroom back to class.)

We arrived chez Hamilton in the wee hours. Very wee. Our weekend was full of the usual: eating and hanging out. Also thrown in were some bike rides, a walk to the park, and a bit of shopping. It would have been the epitome of relaxation had we not displaced our kind hosts from their bedroom. They are very good sports.

And their house is LOVELY. Here are the kids rotting their brains before breakfast. Because brain-rotting is a very quiet activity.

Never fear! Amanda set the kids up in her studio and let them go to town. Inactivity crisis averted.

I love the pose Willem is working here. I also love the alien he's painting.

One of the highlights of the trip was watching Esly drive Willem crazy. He sooooo deserves a taste of his own medicine.

"Mwah ha ha! Look at me, Dad! I'm torturing Willem!"

Here's Nels showing off his loose tooth shortly before Willem knocked it out (yet again.) Friend Kylee is in the background.

Impish Nels. Everyone else is trés serious.

Cheers to summer and good friends.


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