Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Snippets

Viña Aljibes rosé displays a deep raspberry colour, seductive aromas of strawberry and yogurt and an unctuous palate.

Yum. Aren't yogurt and unctuous two words you always look for when choosing a wine? Fortunately I bought this (without reading the label) on the recommendation of the wine steward at Fred Meyer, and it turned out to be my favorite wine of the summer. I wouldn't call it yogurt-y, but I would call it delicious.


I have been invited to my 20th high school reunion. I don't know why it's being held in October rather than during the summer, when more of us could possibly attend, and which is closer to when we actually graduated, but at least it's happening.

I thought that the occasion of my 20th reunion would exacerbate the mid-life angst I've been experiencing lately, but what really gets me is this: I totally remember my mom's 20th high school reunion.

I'm terrible with dates, but I figure I must have been in junior high at the time. So of course the buying of a dress and shoes for such a glamorous (to my mind) occasion made a big impression on me.

Mom's dress was made from crisp magenta cotton, with small gathers at the princess waist, a curvy sweetheart neckline, and puffed sleeves. I believe it was Laura Ashley. The shoes she bought were pointy-toe flats with a wavy, asymmetrical opening. They were pinker than the dress and I thought they clashed, but I didn't have the nerve to say so when asked for my opinion. Sorry, mom. You still looked beautiful.

As a kid I didn't pay all that much attention to what my parents were up to, so it's rare to be able to look at something my mom did and say I'm there now. But here I am. I won't be there, though. At the reunion. It's not really worth the expense for a just a weekend trip to California, when we're way overdue for a longer stay. With the advent of Facebook, the main thing I'll miss by not being there in person is the opportunity to buy an outfit that epitomizes my era as well as mom's ensemble did in the 80's.


We witnessed a SPECTACULAR crash on Highway 26 on the way out to Shaun's folks' house this summer. We were heading west when I noticed a cloud of dust rising from the other side of the road.

"Do you see that?" asked Shaun, as he slowed down and pulled off onto the shoulder. There was a car going full freeway speed coming from the opposite direction. It wasn't on the pavement, though--it was driving on the side of the road, parallel to it, kicking up dust in a very cinematic fashion. We only had a few seconds to worry about what might happen as the car approached and then went by us; there was no barrier dividing the highway, so Shaun was worried it might hit something and ricochet over onto our side.

The car did hit something. It plowed head-on, dead-center into one end of a very solid wood fence. It mowed down the entire length of the fence, sending boards flying up into the air one after the other before it crashed into a parked pick-up and came to a stop. It looked just like a movie.

I felt sick to my stomach, absolutely certain that we'd all just seen a fatal crash. Shaun jumped out and called 911, running back to the spot where the car had ended up. I said a prayer for the driver and also that I would never have the occasion to be the first person to stop at an accident. Bleh. I am not your man in an emergency. Especially if it's a gory one.

It turned out that other people got there first, and that the driver was fine. She was up and standing by the time Shaun got there. The airbag in her newish T-Bird had saved the day. I couldn't believe it.

The woman didn't have any explanation for what happened, and I was just thankful that she had drifted off onto the side of the road rather than into the wrong lane. Somebody--possibly us--would have been a goner in that case. When we buy our next car, the crash safety rating is going to be a lot higher on my list of important factors than it was before we saw that accident.


Shaun's dad turned 65! He's still as busy as ever with church leadership, the tree farm, managing his mother's financial affairs, and finishing/maintaining the log house, but he is very happy to no longer be working for The Man. Congratulations!


Amy said...

First off, I still love your blog! Thanks for keeping up with it. It's a joy.

Secondly, I'm rarely one to give unsolicited advice. Really. But I'm just going to suggest you reconsider on the reunion trip. For one, you don't get a second chance at this event (I have a mortal fear of "regret"), and two, there's just WAY too much writing material at a 20-year reunion to pass it up. You get to see how all those "stories" from way back played out! All those people get to come into present day, which is only fair.

Not to mention the weeks and weeks' worth of general pondering for a curious mind such as yours. ("Curious" as in Curious George, not as in mildly suspicious.)

All these things combine to make the evening a success even if it's not "fun" in the usual sense of the word. I had a blast at Josh's reunion and I didn't even know these people. That's saying a lot for a party that didn't even have dancing. I'm just sayin.

One of mine (I went to a lot of high schools) is Friday night. I'm not expecting "fun," but I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Gypmar said...

Thanks for the comment, Amy!

Actually, seeing the pictures of you two at Josh's reunion and reading about his experience really made me wish I could go to mine. I would probably do it if we hadn't already splurged on our NYC trip this summer.

Fortunately we were still living in CA for my 10th, and we did make it for that. Rich writing material INDEED! :)

I hope we'll get a Facebook update about your Friday night!

Hillary said...

I remember mom's dress and shoes very well too! I guess I was about Nel's age. I don't remember going to the reunion though...did we get left at Grandma and Grandpas?

My 10-year (given 12 years after graduation) was pretty lame. Half the people who were there just happen to be at the Palms anyway, and didn't even know it was the reunion.

I'd probably have more interest in attending YOUR reunion. I think I went to high school vicariously through you and those people have a much more legendary place in my memory than those in my own class.

I love that Nels is so half-heartedly helping to blow out the candles from 3 feet away.

Annie Nannie said...

I hadn't noticed Nels' "half-hearted helping", Hillary - thanks for noting that! Too funny.

Love your posts, Gypsy. Thanks for the updates and three cheers for my dear OLD brother - a jolly good fellow, indeed.

Annie Nannie said...

Oh, Gypsy - I was wondering what you would select to wear to your high school reunion that would represent your era.

Gypmar said...

Hillary, my 10 year was at the BOYS CLUB! That's pretty funny about the Palms. I've never even set foot in there. Seeing Donald Burr dressed in a cream suit and shoes with a white button-down shirt made it all worthwhile. We didn't actually go to mom's--it was pretty fancy and at a hotel.

Nancy, I have no idea what I'd wear :) It takes at least 20 years to be able to look back and say "that was sooooo 2010!"