Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I got these earrings at the antique mall in downtown Camas this week. Of course they were tucked away in a locked basement display case facing the wrong way, with no visible price tag. Would I be wasting everybody's time to ask for a look? No, I would not. There was no tag on the earrings, but a tag on the stand said $10.

"Those are cute," said the lady helping me. "Ten dollars? I would have bought them." It reflects very poorly on my character that I kind of love it when that happens.

They're only costume jewelry, but they are so nicely made that the woman still couldn't get over the price. She put in two phone calls to the vendor to verify that it was the price for the earrings and not for the stand. I think she was hoping they would turn out to cost more so I would change my mind and she could buy them.

But she got no answer, so she sold them to me for ten dollars. Nels thinks they're cool, and so do I.


Misty said...

Great earrings, but I really love the hair.

Gypmar said...

Aw, thanks. It was having a very rare good day.

Annie Nannie said...

Love the whole look - tres cool.