Monday, February 22, 2010

Idaho Weekend: Sunday

On Sunday morning we slept in to the point where it was a tough call whether to have breakfast or burgers for our first meal of the day. Fortunately we decided on breakfast at Shorty's Diner. The food was great and we all fell a little bit in love with our waitress for being so unlike all the other young women we'd encountered so far in Sun Valley.

After our meal we met up with some of Amanda's students (they'd worked hard to help get the artwork done) and we headed to Outpost one last time.

As Shaun pointed out, is this not a total Narnia moment?

Amanda does more in one day than I do in two months.

I had to include the only picture of me smiling. I really did have a good time, I was just really sleepy and squinty for most of the trip. Didn't think to bring sunglasses.

Why, yes, these are plants that Amanda made of paper. And they are gorgeous.

It was Amanda's lot to stay and mix with the movers and shakers at the evening's Sun Valley Center for the Arts fundraising event. Very good for her, very sad for us all as we took our leave.

Good-bye, Outpost.

Good-bye, beautiful alien landscape.

Good-bye to dear,

dear friends.

We'll be back in Washington earning airline miles on our credit card for the next show. Fingers crossed for Europe.


Annie Nannie said...

Gorgeous & Glorious!

Narnian, indeed ...

Aslan beckons ... higher up, deeper in.

Europe???? Do tell!

Gypmar said...

No Europe plans, Nancy...just saying "wouldn't it be nice?" :)

Emily and Micah McGraw said...

Yay! Thanks for posting these, Gypsy! I tried really hard to be there in spirit all weekend. Could you tell? I was the creepy and slightly annoying spirit that kept rambling in the shadows about the ratios of goat, cow and sheep's milk in your cheese. Sorry.

Also, I like your coat.

-Emily McGraw

Gypmar said...

Ah HA! So glad that was you, Emily, and not the creepy baby ghost of Ezra Pound.

I was so happy to wear that coat again--it feels too "look at me!" for Camas, and I'm always afraid that if I wear it in Portland some cranky PETA member will shower me with a vial of goat's blood. Or something.

We need some sort of Hamilton/McGraw/Martin meet-up one of these days. I just saw the video of your Christmas dance and my life will never be the same.