Friday, February 19, 2010

Idaho Weekend -- It IS a Small World, After All

About a year ago I came across this blog entry featuring this New York Times feature about a house outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. It was a very memorable house, and, because it was so different from anything Shaun and I had seen on our visit to the area, it stuck with me. DO look at the NYT slide show, and you'll see that the house is striking in its setting, even if it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.

Several months later, I got a call from my friend Amanda, whose work was being shown in the Sun Valley Center for the Arts Container Show.

"You'll never guess where I am!" she said. "I met this woman who was also in the show and she invited me to her amazing house..."

Well of course I just about fell over. Because I knew exactly where she was. Weird.

Jan Cox, the artist homeowner, invited Amanda to participate in the cool project, a show she would be putting on at her house. The event was not open to the public, but each artist was able to invite a few people to the Friday night friends and family dinner.

Amanda needed someone to photograph her work, and Shaun, not being a professional artist himself (thereby eliminating any potential conflict over whose work the photos would be), was just the fella for the job.

So we used our $50 Alaska Airlines Companion Fare to buy tickets to Boise and prepared ourselves for one very sweet Valentine's Weekend.

Can you believe I needed a whole post just for the intro? Oh dear. More to follow. And LOTS of pictures. I think Shaun took several thousand. OK, several hundred. So I'll actually be showing lots of restraint.

To Idaho we go!

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