Monday, February 4, 2008

Willem At Two

Willem was drawing on his deluxe MagnaDoodle today. He chose a large square magnet and used it to draw a thick, straight line across the board.

"That's a word," he declared.

He drew another line just below it. "That's another word."

Then he quickly and carefully filled the rest of the space with perfectly straight, evenly spaced lines.

"What does it say?"

"Happy New Year."


Hillary said...

I'm not sure whether your boys are brilliant because they do the things they do or if you are for being able to recognize those things and present them just so. Whoever it is, I'm happy to be related for the chance that I could have a few of the brilliant genes buried somewhere in myself (clearly, no lego genes, here).

I always look forward to a new entry from you and this was the perfect little nibble of a trilogy.

Gypmar said...

Hillary, sometimes I think they might be brilliant. Then I remember some of Annalaura's stories about Yo-Yo and worry that they might be dullards. ;)

I think the thing of it is that I seriously underestimated what kids can be. Without having a two year-old Willem or a four year-old Nels, how could any of us possibly know what they would be like? Thus, they surprise. Thankfully in a good way.

Not to say that you don't have your fair share of genes for brilliance :)

Nancy said...

Those kids are blessed from all sides, I'd say. And loved - that's certain!