Monday, February 4, 2008

Nels At Four

Nels inherited the Lego gene from his dad. Here's a typical creation, which he made without any help. It's a submarine, I'm told. That folded-over flap in the front is a ramp for easy boarding.


Anonymous said...


I am a mom from Brooklyn and I am restoring a house and somehow in my search I came across your site- not that it seems to have anything to do with renovation. I've been really stressed out lately and I just want to thank you for your blog- it was a perfect distraction for a few minutes. Your family is so sweet. It made me pause for a moment in my busy day to think about all my blessings- the adoring love of my husband of 17 years, my teenager kids who have grown to surpass my wildest dreams for them. Anyway, thanks and blessings and peace to you all. Oh, your blog also made me very hungry. Take care.
Jessica from Brooklyn

Gypmar said...


Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I always love to hear good things from moms who are enjoying the teenage years :) Best wishes to you and your family as you undertake the house renovation--something I find wonderfully interesting but hope never to do myself!

Your comment made my day,