Monday, March 24, 2014

More Gold Butte Lookout

When we woke up on our second morning, the clouds had moved in even closer than they'd been the night before. Our little cabin was like a boat on the ocean.

 Here's the view Shaun had while cooking breakfast. (He cooked all the breakfasts. He is a wonderful man.)

The clouds started to break up, and Shaun decided it was time to fly the flag. I was surprised and moved to see Willem take it so seriously.

The boys were hanging out around here together when a bald eagle flew by at eye level. I was sorry to have missed it but thrilled for them.

The chipmunks were bold,

but the animal I really wanted to see was the pika. We heard their strange squawky calls all day, but I never caught sight of one. Do check out this link so you can see how adorable this little cousin of the rabbit is. They even have a recording of its call!

The boys occupied themselves with a hatchet for a while. As you can see, there was plenty of wood available for use. Unfortunately, it was cut to a length that was too long to fit into the wood stove. Weird.

Giant cloud shadows.

Dirty faces.

Enthusiastic hot-dog eaters.

If you could open up my brain to the word "vacation," you'd see this picture there.

Right next to this picture.

It's hard to go wrong with a sunset, but it's even more beautiful when you feel like you could be caught up in it yourself at any moment. These pictures don't even come close to the reality. Everything was glowing pink.

Including the peak of Mt. Jefferson. Totally lit up pink.

And then so nice and dark.

Good night.


Dick Martin said...

Life-long memories for you all. Well done!

Ariana Mullins said...

I've loved all of these posts and pictures-- what a super memorable experience for your boys (and you!) You all look so happy and relaxed (and why wouldn't you be up there above it all?!)