Friday, May 18, 2012


There are a few people very near and dear to me who are not on Facebook, so this post contains some repeats of things I've posted there. I find it hard not to just stick things on Facebook because it's so easy, but I don't want to double-up. I'm still trying to figure out the right balance of what should go where.

This isn't all re-runs, though; I put a few new pictures in, too, just to be sure everyone gets their money's worth.  

Here is Willem with the monster my mom crocheted for him and his drawing of the monster.

Willem told me several times that he was going to play this trick on me. I still fell for it.

 Nels provided the lightning-bolt scar for our little Harry Potter. He's making his "I think that marker is washable" face.

Here is my very first kitchen twine dispenser. My friend Amanda was with me when I bought it at an antique shop, and not only did she tell me what it is, but she also used her internet shopping superpowers to track down some twine fine enough to fit it. It's less creepy when it doesn't have twine coming out of its mouth, but it's also less practical.

 Nothing could cheer Willem up on a day when his classmates were being unkind, not even bringing home a loaf of bread that he made in class. He did eventually eat most of the loaf himself.

Lilacs from the yard.

Willem waiting for a playdate.

Both of our boys are counting the days until they are old enough to grow facial hair. They both want big, manly beards. Nels does look remarkably natural in a mustache for an 8 year-old boy.

Here's one of Willem's drawings I found lying around the house. I love that his drawings often have conceptual elements or jokes in them. When I was a kid I was trying too hard just to draw something that looked like anything to even think about telling a story or putting in an idea.

And the best for last! The city recently bought a lake, and it is a crazy short walk from our house. Read here for the unauthorized low-down. Just don't repeat any of what you read to my kids.


Trader Joel said...

Great stuff...I still can't get over that picture with the loaf of bread...

Veronica said...

That nothing/something drawing is ridiculous. I burst into laughter- thank you!

Gypmar said...

You bet, Veronica! :)