Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catching Up

I would not have thought it possible for anyone with a googly eye stuck on his forehead to look so serious.

I did no pre-Christmas baking this year, so when Shaun got a hankering for holiday cookies he had to fend for himself. I found him a recipe for "Christmas Nuggets," which was the only thing in the house we had all of the ingredients for. They tasted much better than their name suggests.

The pre-school Christmas program was better than it has been in the past, but I'm glad it was our last one. Nels played games on Shaun's iPod until he could no longer control his audible outbursts ("Oh man, come on!") and we had to cut him off.

Saddest Christmas kangaroo ever. (Yes, the kids sang a song about Roo Roo the Red-Nosed Kanga. Yes, they're wearing reindeer antlers. No, it makes no sense.)

Shaun built us a lot of nice fires in December. Willem settled down alone in front of this one. Sometimes even a five year-old needs some space.

We had a great Christmas with cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's. I like to call this photo "Unusable Signal."

Now this is a Christmas Eve outfit.

Boys are great, but we definitely enjoyed having a little girl around.

No shortage of Christmas cookies here.

Somebody stole the curlers right off Grandma's head.

It wouldn't be Christmas for Shaun without krumkake.

And here's our little cyclops again, slightly less grim this time and wishing you all a happy new year.


alison owen said...

weird. now I need to find our picture of serious 4 year old mac with a googly eye stuck mid-forehead.
what the...? a trend?

alison owen said...

also, that picture of him as a reindeer (?) with an owl (?) on his chest makes me laugh and laugh.

eric O said...

This was the funniest post I've read in a while. Thanks for makin' my day. "Unusable signal" takes the cake for me.

And Merry Orthodox Christmas to y'all (for us it's already the 7th).

Gypmar said...

Alison, I would love to see that picture.

And Willem supposedly had a kangaroo on his chest. It was not up to his standards. After he came home from dress rehearsal and for the rest of the day he just kept shaking his head and saying "our costumes don't look very good."

alison owen said...

oh! he's trying to hide his shameful costume! even cuter. poor willem. too self-aware for his own good.

Anonymous said...

The "unusable signal" is what happens when you try to play Pandora Classical Christmas station using your iPod Touch and patching it through the TV and our stereo. Looks looney but it works and we enjoyed the music. SO good to have all the rugrats and their parents at "us" for Christmas. Exausting, but SO good.

Grandpa Martin