Friday, December 10, 2010

What He Lacks In Self-Control, He Makes Up For In Self-Awareness

When I went to pick up Willem from preschool on Tuesday, I could only conclude that he'd been working on a Christmas present for me and Shaun.

I could see his lips moving as his teacher brought him out to the car. She slid the door open.

"Try not to tell. Try not to tell. Try not to tell," Willem repeated to himself fiercely as he climbed up into his seat and buckled himself in.

"Try not to tell." That was all he said until we'd made it out of the parking lot.

"I don't want to talk about anything because I might accidentally say," he told me.


I hope he doesn't slip up--it would be a shame to waste such a monumental effort. So far so good.


alison owen said...

i hope he makes it. that's so cute!

Gypmar said...

He made it! Having learned my lesson from years past, I asked if it was a Christmas decoration. It was, so we opened it.

It's a wall hanging of a Christmas wreath made up of his handprints in green paint :) He was super happy for us to open it.